Apr/May 2019 MisSPrintS

Commander’s Message

Hubby and I just returned from a delightful weekend in Guntersville AL. We
were there to participate in the District 17 Spring Conference. We had the
pleasure of meeting the Chief Commander of the United States Power
Squadron, Gary Cheney. He was the main conference speaker bringing us
information and updates from National Headquarters. I look forward to
sharing this information with our club at our April 9th meeting.

Notice that I used the word “club” rather than “squadron”. That should give
you a clue as to what changes and updates are coming from Headquarters
or should I say “National” . The next phase of the multi-year marketing
strategy is beginning to take place. It is being reported that more and more
people can relate to America’s Boating Club rather than the United States
Power Squadron. National is encouraging all squadrons to embrace the
America’s Boating Club logo and name.

I am proud to report that Memphis is ahead of this curve. We officially registered with the State of TN our “assumed name” of America’s Boating Club Memphis while keeping our
legal name of Memphis Sail & Power Squadron. It has been much easier for
the general public to identify what we do as a boating club than it has been
as a “power squadron”. Our club focus and goals remain the same but
uniforms will be less formal, names/titles more civilian than military. We are
adapting to the entire boating industry, i.e., large boats, small boats, paddle
boarders, wakeboarders, wave runners, jet skiers. All have a combined
interest of using safe waters and knowing the “rules of the roads”. To learn more visit the usps.org website, it has a wealth of information.

As the boating season gets into high gear I wish you fair winds and following