Jul/Aug 2019 Commander’s Message

92 degrees outside and feeling like 106, humidity is up, and rain forecasted later today. No, nay, nope and double negative about getting out and doing our boat’s brightwork today! Today is a day to do inside work, cruise planning to be exact.

Cruise one is taking our boat to Florence AL in a few weeks for the W.C. Handy Music Festival. This is more like a routine run but anyone with a boat knows you can’t take anything for granted. Batteries will go dead, stabilizer fluid can be off, generator may decide not to turn on, you know routine maintenance and then expect the unexpected.

Cruise two is in November, a 16 day cruise through the Panama Canal. On this cruise hubby can relax and leave the piloting to the Captain of the Vision of the seas Liner. But planning is still required especially the really important decision on whether to get the deluxe beverage package or not! Seriously it will still be important to plan ahead while traveling on water for more than 2 weeks.

The USPS Cruise Planning course I took years ago was invaluable. So whether one is in charge of running the boat or just a passenger it is important to be aware of the navigable rules of the road, safety issues reading weather, medical emergencies, etc. All of which I have been fortunate enough to get through the USPS educational courses. So for today I will enjoy the indoor work and leave the outside boat maintenance for another day!